Pangraph’s policy
for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at work

Based on the principles of Total Quality, Pangraph has responsibly developed a integrated and documented Quality Policy, which allows the provision of high quality services and products, which satisfy client requirements, and are also safe and user friendly.

The Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at work Policy, is applied at all production stages and it is being reviewed whenever deemed necessary.

Under its Quality Policy, Pangraph is committed to its clients as follows:

  • To accomplish all its announcements.
  • To behave with honesty, consistency and respect to its customers.
  • To offer value to its customers, through the high level of its services and products.
  • To remain focused on customer’s needs, to take their complains into immediate consideration and foresee all their desires and demands.
  • To invest in training and improvement of its human resources.
  • To encourage and motivate its workers’ creativity.
  • To continuously improve product and service quality, by actively involving its employees.
  • To continuously improve its operational efficiency, by making proper use of its resources.
  • To modernize its structure in order to respond to environmental changes.
  • To improve efficiency by penetrating into new local as well as foreign markets.
  • To follow and utilize original methods of product control and certification.
  • To invest in new technologies.

Pangraph’s environmental policy ensures that:

  • The company operates according to relative environmental legislation.
  • It is appropriate for the nature, the breadth and the environmental effects of the activities, of company’s products and services.
  • It includes commitment for continuous control and improvement of environmental performances, as well as for pollution prevention.
  • It is committed to use raw materials, coming from forests managed under sustainable development or recyclable resources principles.
  • Provides a framework for the definition and revision of environmental intentions and targets.
  • It is documented and known to all company employees.
  • It is available to public.

Pangraph’s policy on matters of Health and Safety aims at:

  • The application of Greek legislation on Health and Safety at Work.
  • The protection of health and safety of company employees and third parties e.g. visitors, consultants, people passing by etc.
  • The identification of hazards in order to develop ergonomic procedures to eradicate or minimize them.
  • Working at the desirable quality level without accidents, injuries or equipment and facilities destructions.
  • Systematically training company employees on issues of Health and Safety at Work.
  • Clearly referencing and assuring, workers’ understanding of all their responsibilities regarding health and safety matters and their fuller involvement and cooperation.
  • Creating motives for every employee in order to reduce or even eradicate insecure actions and conditions, contributing to a safe work environment.
  • Trying to ensure financial resources for the continuous development of new technologies, systems and methods of controlling work hazards.

Based on the above, every Company employee commits, by utilising his provided training and the means available, to adhere to the Procedures of the Administration System and to contribute to its constant improvement.

Pangraph fully complies with National and EU legislation and the rules of science and technique.

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