Pangraph believes that economic development is directly dependent on environmental sustainability and harmonic and balanced human life within their environment. It has committed to reducing effects of its activities on the environment, but also to providing support to its customers, so they can achieve their goals in this field. It implements an environmental administration system, certified by DQS HELLAS, member of IQNET international network, according to the demands of ISO 14001:2015 International Standard.


Pangraph’s main concern are the basic raw materials, meaning paper and cardboard, to contain wood coming from forests managed under the principle of sustainable development and in accordance with precise environmental, social and financial standards, the company complies with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), while the recycled cardboard used is a product of total recycling.


Another important piece of Pangraph’s operation and general philosophy is recycling. Every material used in all production stages, makes sure it is recyclable. It collects and delivers to certified recycling companies paper and cardboard scrap, used aluminium printing foils, batteries, oils but also old technology computers and machinery. All boxes and leaflets produced are easy to be recycled and are 100% biodegradable.

Also Pangraph applies procedures in accordance with regulations, regarding collection and disposal of hazardous waste (liquid or solid), resulting from using materials like inks, chemical liquids and more, to certified waste management company, with which Pangraph has signed contractual agreement.

Pangraph keeps stationary supplies at the minimum needed for client communication, using email and maintaining digital records, whenever possible, avoiding printed filing.

Carbon footprint

Constant effort is being done to reduce the environmental footprint. During 2013 Pangraph installed an advanced cooling – heating VRV system in all new offices, replaced the old elevator with a new economical inverter, upgraded another elevator’s motor with inverter, achieving energy savings up to 20%. In the near future Pangraph has planned to replace lighting with new LED technology lights and to replace a company transportation vehicle with a new reduced emission standards Euro 5.

Pangraph participates in the campaign to reduce packaging weight by suggesting to its customers the use of appropriate raw materials, reducing waste quantity.

Our partners in this effort are:

  • Paper Producing Companies:
  • Paper Recycling Company: Demetrios Grammenos Sons, Τel.+30 210 2915779
  • Aluminium Recycling Company: Aluminium Recycling Center, Tel. +302106861449
  • Truck Batteries Recycling Company: SYNDESIS S.A. Tel. +302103421091
  • Battery Recycling Company: AFIS, Τel. +30 210 8030244
  • Used Oil Recycling Company: ESK OIL ABEE,, Τel. +30 210 2830163
  • Waste Management Company: SUK HELLAS PC,, Τel. +30 210 9719180

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