Human is for Pangraph the driving force of its development course. He can realize the vision, the mission and builds company’s future.

Employees’ safety and professional health at work areas is a nonnegotiable value for Pangraph. The application of Health and Safety at Work Administration System, certified by DQS HELLAS, member of International Network IQNET, according to requirements imposed by ISO 45001:2018 International Standard, constitutes one more initiative by Pangraph, reflecting its respect for its employees.

Pangraph’s policy for health and safety includes:

  • Application of Greek legislation.
  • Commitment for health and safety protection not only for its employees, but for any other person affected by company activities, including customers, suppliers and visitors.
  • Recognition of hazards, aiming at developing ergonomic procedures to eradicate or minimize them.
  • Provisions for systematic staff training on issues regarding health and safety at work.
  • Clear briefing and assurance that each and every member of the staff have understood all their responsibilities, regarding health and safety issues and that their fuller participation and cooperation is required.
  • The effort to secure financial resources for the continuous development of new technologies, systems and methods to control occupational hazards, for improving health and safety in general.
  • Yearly overviews to ensure constant compliance with best business practices and relevant laws and regulations.



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