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Innovative Quality Control System

Pangraph’s Quality Management department, in order to certify even more the quality of its products throughout the entire production line, installed the industrial automation system SENSAP INTEGRA and the SENSAP SBOX MIS server system.

Pangraph in cooperation with SENSAP Swiss, installed a fully developed AutoID (RFID / Barcode) centric MIS platform, focused on:

  • Detailed logging of production processes,
  • Automated production planning,
  • Task execution control,
  • Accurate estimation of production cost and budget,
  • Traceability of materials flow, through their entire life cycle,
  • Warehouse management,
  • Deep analysis of actual performance,
  • Quality certification.

This way, the company is able to monitor the daily activities, to visualize completion performances of afore mentioned tasks, in real time and to document the overall efficiency. Also coordination of individual tasks is achieved through this platform, guiding optimally the operators, through mobile terminals.

Product Quality Control is achieved through printing a two-dimensional 2D barcode-Datamatrix code. The Datamatrix code includes a unique number, that results from the product code and the product revision, which is printed using the print job colors. In the final stage of production, the following quality controls can be performed by decoding the Datamatrix:

  • Mixing similar products (Mixing-Copy)
  • Revision Management
  • Color Management
  • Color Intensity-Fading
  • Color Intensity-Overflow
  • Color Alignment
  • Print-to-Cut Registration

For further information or to arrange the presentation of the system in our facilities, please contact us.


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