Instruction guide leaflet is an important document which must accompany every product. Whether it is medicine or an electronic device, an instruction guide leaflet is necessary for communicating useful information to consumers. Instruction guide leaflets need to accommodate variable legal demands and multilingual editions, creating the need for bigger sheet sizes.

A fully unfolded instruction guide leaflet can be very small or very big in size, which means that it needs to be folded many times in order to fit in the package. In pharmaceutical and cosmetic packages, the unfolded and folded size of the instruction guide leaflet, determines the weight of the paper to be chosen for printing.

We can provide you with high quality instruction guide leaflets, ready to be included in fast production lines.

Our solutions for instruction guide leaflets comprise of

  • Variable weight raw material processing starting at 40gr, 50gr, 60gr and up to 170gr.
  • Different printing methods: Offset and Digital.
  • Delivery of unfolded sheets, packaged as 70x100cm sheets maximum.
  • Delivery of folded leaflets (maximum unfolded dimensions 380x700cm) of 70mm minimum width and 15mm minimum folding size, accurately folded up to 12 times, depending on your needs (either 12-fold or 6-fold in parallel or 6 vertical).
  • Delivery of unfolded or folded leaflets, optionally perforated.
  • Delivery of unfolded or folded leaflets, optionally creased in one, two or more places, so that instructions can be easily placed inside the boxes in packaging machines.
  • Printing many types of codes such as QR Code, 2D barcode – Datamatrix, Pharmacode, BarCode, Blinding Lines, to satisfy your quality control or advertising needs.

Ask about QR Code printing on boxes, instantly referring consumers to images, videos, your company’s website or any webpage on internet.


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