Wrapping material is the first image. Initially, the product was packaged in order for the content to be protected. Later, companies begun to understand the power of visual aesthetics. Based on research and appropriate data collection, and on the original idea, we create paper packaging solutions and advertising brochures.

Creative department

DesignersIn our company’s creative department, an experienced graphic design team, gives color and character to your product. Experienced designers and technicians, combine creative thinking with strategic knowledge of production process, make sure to personalise packaging design and cover all your needs.

Our philosophy is to produce the image in such a way, so it can be immediately perceived and to clearly communicate our client’s desired message. A full packaging pre-production service incorporates in operational design, a series of technical parameters. Model’s colors, choice of materials, product texture are the essential parameters that define uniqueness, in order to avoid forging (illegal copies) and to ensure its proper use.

In Pangraph we provide design services that allow us to include features such as fineline, guilloche, holography and UV printing, by adding the appropriate safety level, in accordance with client’s requirements. We are using state of the art CAD / CAM software, evaluating in detail our proposed package for shape, size and functionality, before producing prototypes.

Our design services also include,

  • Use of many coding forms such as QR Code, 2D barcode – Datamatrix, Pharmacode, BarCode, ColorCode, Blinding Lines, preparing traceability of final products.
  • Text conversion to Blind people’s Braille alphabet.
  • Original designs using CNC equipment, reliable essay printouts, complete product samples (mock-up).

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