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Cartons are a means of circulation and presentation, inextricably linked with every product. Whether it is a medicine or any product, a carton is the means of communication with the consumer. The need for packaging different products creates the demand for different kinds of cartons with innovative designs.

A few basic information we need to define the complete profile of your packaging needs, are:

  • What kind of users would you like to attract with the packaging? (men, women, young people, etc.)
  • What is the exact content? (medicine, cosmetic or edible product etc.)
  • Packaging will be done automatically or by hand?
  • What is the weight of the content?
  • How do you store, distribute and showcase your products?

The above information will guide us to the appropriate packaging solution.

We can provide you with high quality cartons ready to be placed into a high speed production line.

Our Solutions for Cartons include

  • Processing of a variety of raw materials.
  • A variety of printing methods: Offset and Digital
  • Printing using different coloring schemes: Pantones or CMYK.
  • The external surface of boxes can be finished with:
    • Varnish (Mat or Clear)
    • U.V. / spot U.V. varnishes
    • Lamination (Mat or Clear)
    • Hot foil stamping (Gold or Silver print etc.)
  • Embossing – Braille writing system.
  • Perforated.
  • Sealing of cartons (pliant, lockbottom, pliant with internal partition, conical).
  • Envelope sealing, folders, CD cases.
  • Printing different types of codes, such as QR Code, 2D barcode – Datamatrix, Pharmacode, Barcode, ColorCode, Blinding Lines, to be used for quality control or advertising.

Ask about QR Code printing on cartons, instantly referring consumers to images, videos, your company’s website or any webpage on internet.


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