Our Responsibilities

Like every company operating within a social group has its own responsibility towards society and the environment, Pangraph proves its corporate responsibility by giving special importance on issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, which concern corporate governance, environmental issues and supply in the society.

Specifically, Pangraph:

•  Takes care of the labour environment (certification ISO 45001:2018)

Major priority of the administration is the creation and conservation of a healthy and safe labour environment, following all the relevant health and safety rules. At the same time, it seeks to provide equal opportunities for everyone, through a meritocratic system of recruitment and development within the company.

•  Ensures the continuous and thorough training of employees

Ensuring that the company itself progresses, as well as its employees personally, Pangraph invests in the training of its employees, so that all necessities are covered. At the same time Pangraph develops partnerships with research centres and educational institutions, receiving, but also providing knowledge to young men and women that are doing their internship in the company.

•  Protects the environment (certification ISO 14001:2015)

Pangraph believes that, by protecting the environment, we protect ourselves. Pangraph has been committed to reduce the drawbacks of its actions on the environment, as well as to provide help to its customers, so that the latter achieve their goals in this sector.

• Offers in the Society

Above all, Pangraph cares about humans. The company believes that providing services to the society is not only its duty, but also a ‘thank you’ for the trust of its customers. For this reason, Pangraph strengthens charities through sponsorships and donations. In this way, more and more people redeem together the trust that its clients show all these years.

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