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Installation Completion of the New Production Control System

Pangraph’s Quality Control department in order to certify even further the quality of its products, during the entire production process, installed the industrial automation system SENSAP INTEGRA and the SENSAP SBOX MIS server.

Pangraph in cooperation with SENSAP Swiss, completed a newly created and fully deployed AutoID (RFID/Barcode) centric MIS focusing on:

  • Detailed record of production procedures,
  • Automated production scheduling,
  • Job Completion Control,
  • Accurate production cost estimation and budgeting,
  • Traceability of raw material flow, through their entire life cycle,
  • Storage Management,
  • Thorough analysis of true efficiency,
  • Quality Certification.

This way the company is in position to follow up daily activities, to visualise execution performance in real time of all afore mentioned jobs and to document total efficiency. Through this platform you can also achieve the coordination of individual jobs, by giving operators the best possible guidance, using portable terminals.


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