Our operation is constant and controllable

All crucial activities within our business function according to Quality Assurance Manual, a live document used by all of our staff.

This ensures we all adhere to international standards being applied as well as those required by our customers.

Whether it is about keeping records or about tool maintenance, we can prove to you that we operate in a constant and controllable environment.

  • We maintain records of traceability for every project (price quotes, customer order, production order, printing, cutting, quality control certification).
  • We comply strictly to our annual maintenance policy for all equipment related to production line.
  • We maintain and safely keep encoded records of films, cuttings and Braille printing cliché.
  • We periodically verify quality control tools such as scales and micrometers.
  • We renew on an annual basis tools like Pantone scales.
  • We periodically maintain and certify all our measures for fire prevention, deratization and disinsection.
  • We periodically maintain and certify auxiliary tools like clark machines.

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144 52 Metamorfosi
Athens, Greece

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e: info@pangraph.gr
t: +30 210 28 14 697
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