We at Pangraph, having in mind the specific characteristics and needs of each print project, but also our perennial knowledge of typographic art, we respond optimally to our customers’ requirements, providing guaranteed quality, speed of delivery and competitive prices.

Production Planning

With the help of a modern information system we register all customers’ orders. After that, with help of an industrial automation system, a series of tasks are performed:

  • Detailed logging of production processes.
  • Detailed logging of all production materials.
  • Accurate estimate of each task’s production time.
  • Acceptance of a customer order and estimation of delivery time.
  • Automatic production planning.

Pre Press

The art studio has the responsibility of a number of tasks before the final production stage.

  • Creation proof-sheet, digital (SoftProof) or analog (ProofCromaline), after checking texts and colors.
  • Creation of digital prepress processes or individual pages.
  • High resolution film editing production.
  • Montage (electronic or manual).

Offset printing

In Pangraph we have modern Off-set printing machines. Printing can be done in simple or special paper with CMYK, Pantone or Metallic colors and varnish finish (mechanical or water based).

Digital Printing

In Pangraph under our strategic development framework, we have chosen to offer qualitative, economical and of course very fast digital printings. For this reason, we have cutting edge technology digital printing machines. We print colored, four-colored (color cmyk) and black and white (b/w) on digital presses and in ordinary and special papers.


Usually the printed products require further processing until they reach their final form. In the first stage, print finish tasks are implemented which are:

  • UV varnish application (overall or local).
  • Matt or glossy lamination.
  • Hot Foil Stamping.
  • Paper Embossing.

Box manufacturing / packaging, in which we specialize, constitutes a special post-print process of Printing Industry. It combines printing of cardboard sheets and their post-print processing in an interrelated production process.

In Pangraph, we perform the following tasks during post-print process:

  • Writing System for the blind (Braille).
  • Cutting (Configuration) of Boxes: with packaging forms (moulds).
  • Gluing Boxes: straight line, lock bottom, internal case, conical.
  • Gluing Folders: folders, CD cases.
  • Folding of Instruction Guides and Printed Materials: minimum width 7cm, minimum fold 15mm, 12 pockets (6 parallel and 6 vertical or 12 parallel).
  • Ancillary Tasks: Corrugated, Creasing, Perforation, Numbering.

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