Pangraph’s equipments consists of:

Offices – Creative Department:  Computer Network with Server HP and 10 workstations
   running Microsoft Windows Server 2012.
Industrial Automation System:  SENSAP INTEGRA and SENSAP SBOX MIS server
Studio:  Complete photo shoot studio for small packages
Atelie:  Thermal CTP (Computer to plate)
   Film processing
   Two printing plate exposure units
   Plate processor
Printing:  3 offset printing machines (4/2/1 colors)
Box Manufacturing:  2 moulding machines for boxes
Processing:  2 sealing machines for boxes and other products
   2 cutting machines
   1 folding machine with pharmacode Laetus.
Packaging:  Pressing, Wrapping, Baling machines.
Delivery:  2 company owned trucks.


34 Adrianeiou str - 54 Rodou str
144 52 Metamorfosi
Athens, Greece

Contact us

t: +30 210 28 14 697
f: +30 210 28 29 855

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