Human Recources

A flexible dynamic structure, designs, expresses and implements company’s strategy. This structure composes the “Management Team” of Pangraph, which plans the long-term and annual goals of the company and takes all necessary actions for their achievement.

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Human factor is for Pangraph the driving force of its development course. There are 15 persons employed in total. Pangraph’s goal is the provision of a competitive and fair environment, in which the employees will develop and evolve, through their personal achievements.

Equal Opportunities

Pangraph is committed for providing equal opportunities to all employees without discriminations. Company will show zero tolerance to harassment of any form at the work space. The staff is in compliance with company’s policy and any violation is subject to disciplinary measures, which could even include a dismissal.

Recruitment and development

Pangraph is implementing a merit-based recruitment system, taking into account the knowledge and personal performance of every employee. Company’s policy is to encourage employees to develop and manage their own career. In Pangraph it is forbidden to work without a social insurance plan.

Educational training

Pangraph cares for the continuing and complete training of its employees, in order to possibly utilise current staff for new positions, provided that candidates have appropriate skills and experience.


Pangraph communicates with employees to ensure:

  • understanding of business decisions,
  • notification of the implications current decisions will have,
  • gathering employees’ opinions and ideas to improve business.

Meeting Meeting

Pangraph knows that collective effort is required for success to be achieved. This is possible only with the harmonic cooperation of its highly trained staff and management. In this context the company nurtures vying conditions and develops infrastructures for personal development, creating a group that operates as a team in coordination with common values and goals.


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